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Lyrics – Hey Now!



Egal was du tun willst oder musst oder wie verrückt es ist. Mach es jetzt! Warte nicht auf schöneres Wetter.

Diese Nachricht transportiert der Song:


Hey Now! (Text/Music: Jason Skott)



I know you know, that I know, each time it´s the same,
whenever and ever you go, there´s someone to blame.

Let´s go and check out any piece on earth,
or quite stay at home.

Create a tower reaching to the stars,
or keep down below.


Hey now, it´s up to you,
hey now, it´s true.
Hey now, come over now ,
hold on, through!



Listen up I´m reaching for your heart, until you remind,
Don´t you wait for somoone to take care, he´s so hard to find.

You gonna find a way to celebrate each day,
and share it with some friends.

A precious little diamond you are,
so rarely to find.

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