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Lyrics – Here I Am

Die Wünsche eines Vaters für das Aufwachsen seines Kindes beschreibt dieser Song. Respektive der Veränderungen, die in Zukunft anstehen und der Zuversicht, dass schon alles gut gehen wird. Wenn es auch manchmal turbulent rauf und runter geht..Mach dir keine Sorgen, wird schon!

Here I Am (there you are)


(Text/Music): Jason Skott, May 2014)

You took the biggest part of me,
but what can I say,
I’d never choose the easy way,
some special games to play….

I hope you stay here by my side,
and come along, when you’re sad.
I’ll never have a word to say,
and even you’ll go mad.

I’m watching the fool in myself,
hanging around all the time,
I put back the book to the shelf,
Just staring down, to open my mind.

So here I am, there you are,
here I am, and there you are.
So here I am, there you are
my shining star….

You’ll get the best, of interest,
yo gonna climb the highest tree.
and if I stand right next to you,
I’ll clap my hands you’ll see.

and if i try, to realize,
you gonna walk on straight,
I’ll never stop you on your way
that’s quite allright with me.

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